BTRFS maintenance

Hello good day,

Since the release of Pahvo, I’m planning to do a clean install and want to try the new GNOME 40.

But I have question about BTRFS, does the BTRFS maintenance is already take cared by Manjaro, or I still need to configure it?

Currently I’m using ext4 and I also want to try BTRFS.

What do you mean?

I mean about scrubbing, balancing and defrag.
Something like this GitHub - kdave/btrfsmaintenance: Scripts for btrfs maintenance tasks like periodic scrub, balance, tri

I suppose it’s taken care of with the right options/packages (when applicable).

So we still need to configure it after install?
I was watching this from the Manjaro Pahvo | The Best GNOME Experience - YouTube
And just say a “enhanced support for BTRFS” and about the snapshot, but doesnt talk about the maintenance.

BTRFS does need little maintenance.

I do nothing regularly. Once in a time maybe a balance with limit 75% (after 3-6 month)

  • If you are worried that the data on a btrfs volume has been corrupted, test it with btrfs scrub
  • Please use btrfs balance sparingly. Most of the time it is unnecessary and only burdens the system. And if so, please always use it with limits (e.g. 75% or 50%)
  • Take automatic snapshots (e.g. with snapper ). If possible every hour. With btrfs it doesn’t cost anything. Snapper can also automatically free these snapshots after a set time. (delete seems the wrong term here)
  • If you have several (2, 3 or 4) devices and can combine them into one btrfs volume, then use RAID1
  • Don’t forget to make good backups of your data. btrfs send is your friend

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What does your btrfs balance command look like?

see @

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