BTRFS during installation

I am pretty sure a few months ago I was able to install Manjaro with a BTRFS filesystem by selecting ‘Replace a partition’ (I resized my disk). Today I want to do the same using the latest ISO image, but after completing the installation I end up with an ext4 partition. Is there any way to get a BTRFS partition instead of ext4 when using that option (replace a partition) ? The advantage was that everything was setup automatically, didn’t have to create any partition layout… Thanks for any information

You should have the file system option right under the selected installation option.

There are 3 options:

  1. Replace a partition, which doesn’t give any file system option
  2. Erase disk, which does give the option but will erase the whole disk
  3. Manual partitioning, which I would prefer to skip.

I’m pretty sure last time ‘Replace a partition’ used BTRFS, but not now. It’s a pity because everyhing was perfectly configured.

For reference, I’m using this ISO image: manjaro-xfce-21.3.7-minimal-220816-linux515.iso

Maybe there is some way to get this option available(?)

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It’s available under the manual partitioning, which you chose to skip. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok maybe I am confused… I will try with that option; thanks!

I finally found where is the issue…

So if I want to install Manjaro using the option ‘Replace a partition’ with a BTRFS file system, then I need to:

1- Select ‘Erase disk’ + select ‘btrfs’ file system
2- Now select ‘Replace a partition’
3- Choose the disk partition where I want to install Manjaro

In this way, I get the desired results: ‘Replace a partition’ + BTRFS (or whatever file system I selected in #1, ie: f2fs).

A little bit tricky and probably a bug within the installer(?) or is this the expected behaviour?

That behavior is a bit confusing to me. It may warrant:

  • an issued bug on how the filesystem option should be taken into account when “removed” to another installation option
  • a feature request on adding the filesystem choice for the partition replacement option

@Manjaro-Team Should those go to our Calamares overlay or upstream?


I do this on Arch based distros I’m testing that are still setup for ext4.

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