Bspwm stuck in login screen


I recently installed bspwm-manjaro package but when I try to login to bspwm the screen hangs. I can still move my mouse but that is about it. I added both of my monitors into the bspwmrc. What am I doing wrong?

Can you access console with alt+ctrl+F3?

Yes I can. I can also switch back, but then there is just a black screen with a mouse cursor

Can you post the output of

systemctl status lightdm

Unit lightdm.service could not be found.

Aah, I had not read the OP correctly. I thought you were running bspwm edition.

What you are experiencing is the eexpected behavior of bspwm-manjaro. Bspwm is a Unix style window manager. It only manages windows, it doesn’t provide keybindings, draw desktop background or panels or anything like that. If you want something different than a black screen, you are going to have to set it up yourself.

That being said, bspwm-manjaro does have some automation,so the default keybindings should work. However,many of the default apps that the keybindings call might not be installed. Installing manjaro-bspwm-settings and sterminal should pull most of the needed stuff. You may still want to copy the relevant configs from /etc/skel to your home directory.

But if you want out of the box bspwm experience, just try the bspwm iso. It is much easier than setting up bspwm from scratch.


I see, for some reason bspwm leaves the login screen as a background image? That got me confused, but since I am able to now launch dmenu i think i should be ok. Guess just setting the wallpaper in bspwm will fix it. Thanks for your help

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That moment when its so fast you dont realize anything has happened
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“No … its finished.”

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