Bspwm-mate is unable to be installed from architect

As the title says, I was unable to install the bspwm-mate desktop environment using architect. I attempted using 59 and 59-rt with both the full and minimal installs for each. The issue given each time was that two packages were unable to install due to missing dependencies.

The packages were ‘manjaro-bspwm-mate-setttings’ and ‘py-corners’.

And the missing dependencies were ‘manjaro-browser-settings-native’ and ‘python2-xlib’, respectively.

I worked around this by installing a cli version and then bspwm and mate from there. However this should probably be fixed. I’m not sure where else to report the issue (maybe the aur page for each package?) but would like to know so I can better support the community in the future.

One other thing I am wondering is if someone could point me to where manjaro architect gets these lists of packages to install so I can see what I didn’t install manually due to my workaround.

Thanks, tulu

Check out Build Manjaro ISOs with buildiso - Manjaro