bspwm (& hlwm)--- a non-standard Manjaro 'view'

Both bspwm & hlwm look essentially identical on my desktop.

I am happy to share anything anyone might want from my setup(s).. dotfiles, etc.

My setup uses my own bspwm, hlwm setup which has been derived from antiX, arco, and anywhere else I was able to dig and 'borrow'. Some of the major components I use include:

  • Pywal to change the colors with every terminal load.
  • sakura is my terminal
  • polybar is the panel
  • rofi for select online help files
  • zenity & yad for other hel and dialog functions
  • conky because I can...
  • networking is with connman

Anyway here are some screenshots....


I hope folks find some of my bspwm (and hlwm) learnings reasonably helpful. My latest publication/installment is posted on my website; it includes images & dotfile access:


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