bspwm and compositor - no transparency

Hi! Have just install the latest and greatest from @airclay - thank you so much for for a nice clean experience via Calamares - excellent work.

Having trouble with the config files (and super great with all the menu scripting and everything as well - all the needed utilities are there) - particularly the compositor config. I did edit the compton.conf file to enable transparency for windows, but after a restart is didn't work. Shadows are working though, so it is hard to pinpoint the problem.

By the way the key binding for restarting the bspwmrc file isn't working either, only the one for quitting out (I think you may have missed adding Super + Shift + r to sxhkd, as I couildn't find it in sxhkdrc)

Also - why is sxhkd commented out in the autostart at the bottom of bspwmrc? Are you running if directly from xinitrc?

Would be really appreciative of any help anyone could provide!

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It is run by bspwm-session which runs sxhkd using dash for the shell. Comment is left there in case you want to replace bspwm-manjaro with plain bspwm.

Transparency is something I'm looking at for myself rn as well. I think another bar may be needed but, the color options (~/.limepanelrc) are alphaRGB, still yet to simply try setting it there tho. Another issue maybe the terminal, Im not sure if st-manjaro is patched for transparency.

I will look into the reloading bspwmrc keybinding. Thanks!

Correction: The color values in ~/.limepanelrc do NOT support alpha values.

Update - I commented out

super + shift + q
	bspc quit 1 && pkill lemonpanel && pkill lemonbar

and then added this directly underneath

super + shift + {q,r}
	bspc {quit 1 && pkill lemonpanel && pkill lemonbar,wm -r}

And then noticed that re-initializing still doesn't work when you are running st-manjaro in a focused window, but that binding does work when not in st-manjaro.

I think it is a key binding conflict, because hitting super + shift + r in the st-manjaro terminal opens micro.

It is specifically not patched for transparency. It is designed to be as light as possible while providing the minimum normal terminal functions.


At the end of the default sxkhdrc I have:

# In case bspwmrc fails to execute/you wish have plugged in a new monitor
super + shift + r

Since Micro is set as default text editor, I'm assuming that's why it loads the file in micro. It works that way on my system in or out of a terminal. You could change the key or comment it out completely and check if that works. As far as why it works one way and then another in a terminal when assigned twice ... :man_shrugging:

Edit: Yes it's a script that opens the config file with the default text editor.

$ cat /usr/bin/bspwmrc
xdg-open ~/.config/bspwm/bspwmrc

Currently away from my device but, my idea is to change the bspwmrc command to 'super+shift+r+c' and set the reload config keybind as per the instructions and see what happens.

That will probably work. You could set this as a key chord as well instead, i.e.
super + shift, r, c
instead of
super + shift + r + c

In any case, thank you again for taking on the maintenance of this - it is super amazing to have access to this as a community edition in Manjaro. IMHO best WM out there.

Hopefully can get universal transparency/blur working as well :wink:

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I had issues doing any keybinds as super+shift+r+... it seems it picks up the command as soon as the 'r' is pressed and restarts the window manager. Personally I've set it like this:

# Cleanly quit bspwm
super + shift + {q,r}
	bspc {quit 1 && pkill lemonpanel && pkill lemonbar,wm -r}
# In case bspwmrc fails to execute/you wish have plugged in a new monitor
super + ctrl + r

Goind with 'ctrl' here as it seems quite a few of the keybinds containing 'ctrl' button are already tied to resetting/reloading things.

And yes every time I use bspwm, I discover something new about it that fits my wants/needs better. Thanks for testing and reporting back, it helps!

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