BSOD: NVIDIA driver install caused SDDM and theme not to load. Need helping re-installing drivers

On KDE Plasma. I was trying to install a legacy nvidia driver. After reboot - first the SDDM theme didn´t load (was replaced by fallback theme) - then after logging in I got BSOD, but dmenu, konsole and gedit opened up. I tried all kinds of thing. I have disabled/re-enabled the nouveau modeset in /etc/default/grub, messed around with mhwd in the terminal. It seems, that I couldn´t install the nvidia driver (I got error messages that make no sense to me). So I believe that the drivers are messed up. I rolled back the kernel to 5.4 and installed kernel-headers and base-devel dkms so that I could install the nvidia driver. System update does nothing. I have reinstalled xorg. After that just BSOD - no greeter. This was the error message that was displayed when I could still see the SDDM greeter: /usr/sharesddm/themes/breeze-ghostpresent-sddm/Main.qml:27:1:plugin cannot be loaded for module “org.kde.plasma.core”: Cannot load library /usr/lib/qt/qml/org/kde/plasma/core/ undefined symbol: _glDispatchForceUnpatch)

systemctl status sddm says its active and running. Attempting " startx " results in an error. inxi -G shows …" driver: N/A " so there is neither a nvidia or nouvaeu driver assigned? or configs are screwed up.

So I need help fixing the issue.

When I attempt to start x from the terminal it returns to the terminal with the error … " Could not resolve keysym XF86KbdLcdMenu5Errors ".

I am still on BSOD and no assigned drivers?. Assistance would be greatly appreciated.

If you want support you will need to give proper information, for now we know that you messed with many things, got some error messages, and that’s about it.

So first, what legacy driver, from where, and how, and I mean exactly, no vague answer.

You will need to explain what you mean, there is no such thing as a BSOD on KDE, and even if you had one, you would not have a somewhat working interface…

What things? exactly in details.

Again you can’t expect people to have a clue if you keep information for yourself and stay vague. What error messages exactly, what were you doing, exactly.

I believe you are wrong.

Again, same story, need proper information exactly in details. Why DKMS to install Nvidia drivers?

This is the expected behavior if there is no system update.

As far as I can guess, you tried a manual installation of an external Nvidia driver not provided by Manjaro, messed the system in various ways, and can’t recover from it?

So start again please give good information so people can help troubleshoot the issues.

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