Browsers taking time to open on battery

I am using Manjaro XFCE version. Earlier, on battery ‘Chrome’ and ‘Brave’ browser taking 7-8 seconds to open up, on the other hand on AC they are taking just a second to open
I have checked some forums and they recommend to disable the TLP service. I have done that few days ago and then the time reduces to 3-4 seconds to open the browser on battery. But now it again taking 7-8 seconds to open up on battery (even when TLP service is disabled)

I don’t use XFCE so I can’t say for certain but may DEs have the ability to change your power profile settings depending on if you are plugged in. It is possible you are set to automatically switch to the power saver mode on battery, which limits your CPU’s capabilities in order to save battery. I would try doing a good look through XFCE’s power settings to see if this is the case.

I have gone through XFCE power manager settings but I haven’t found anything related to ‘power saver mode when unplugged’ over there
I am using XFCE session and i3wm both, and in both I am facing slow start up of browers when on battery
Previously I have used Linux Mint Cinnamon edition but there I haven’t faced this issue