Browsers continuously crashes pages, themselves, sometimes the system, create orphaned inodes, & lose saved data after clearing orphaned inodes

Dear all,

after Windows crashed, and couldn’t be reinstalled, I installed Linux Mint. After Linux Mint crashed, and couldn’t be reinstalled, I installed Manjaro Pahvo 21.1.6 XFCE. Manjaro has been great, but I have one big problem. This problem concerns the browsers on Linux (part of this problem I also had on Linux Mint), and this problem continuous also after two fresh re-installs.

I know you all get the question about “why are the pages of my browser continuously crashing?” all the time, but I simply have not found a topic that fixes my problem. Moreover, my problem with my brower(s) goes further than only crashing pages, they also sometimes crash my whole system. But let me begin at the beginning.

When I install chrome, chromium, opera, firefox, gecko, etc., loaded pages continuously crash (on chrome and chromium it continuously gives SIGILL errors and SIGSEGV errors). This also happens when I only have one page open, but often becomes continuous when I open more than three pages. So far as I know, the SIGILL and SIGSEGV errors have to do with RAM-memory. However, next to a measly 4GB of RAM, I do have 6GB of swap (I do not know if swap really matters in this case).

Often when I restart my laptop, Manjaro needs to first clean up orphaned inodes, and after it is done with cleaning them, all the data saved on one or multiple of my browsers are gone (so I’m logged out on everything again, need to fill in my mails and passwords again, etc.). Note that it is not always the case that Manjaro needs to clean orphaned inodes at start up, and when it does not have to do this, the data on my browsers remain.

Moreover, the browsers tend to close themselves completely and even tend to crash the whole system. They can crash the system in three ways. First, if a browser has been used for too long, the system gets stuck and I have to force shutdown/restart it. Secondly, if a browser has been used for too long, the system gets stuck when I want to shutdown or restart the system, either the system gets stuck loading the screen for shutdown/restart/hibernate etc., or at the moment when this screen is loaded and I press shutdown/restart. Thirdly, a browser can just suddenly completely shut down the complete system.

Why I am rather sure the browsers are to blame is that nearly each time a force shutdown/restart is needed, Manjaro needs to clean up orphaned inodes, and when these are cleaned, all the data on one or multiple browsers are gone.

I simply do not know what the problem is. All the noob stuff I already did: remove all browsers and only install one browser, install the one browser from different sources (via pacman’s official repositories, flatpack, AUR, snap; and via terminal), install different browsers to test if the problems happen in all browsers, etc. I simply do not know how to fix it, and the problem annoys me terribly (it simply boils down to the fact that all browsers are essentially unusable, and I have to fear at each moment that my system can crash due to a my usage of a browser).

My laptop is a Lenovo Ideapad 110-15ISK 80UD00BXMH
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 520
CPU: Intel Core i3-6100U

I have installed the open source driver for the HD Graphics 520, namely: Skylake GT2. I only installed the video-linux part of this driver, and not also the video-modesetting and video-vesa parts.

One of the possible production errors that this laptop might suffer from is an error in one of the RAM memory sticks (this is the only reason for being unable to reinstall Windows and Linux Mint that remained after having tried everything else, luckily Manjaro did install).

So the only three solutions I can think of now, are the following:
(1) There is, indeed, something wrong with a RAM memory stick and I need to replace it;
(2) I should install the other parts of the open source driver; or
(3) I should try the official drivers.

However, I also had this problem with my browsers when I installed Manjaro with the official drivers. I could try to install the official drivers again, or install the other parts of the open source driver, but I am rather hesitant in trying to install the drivers. I am rather hesitant about this, because I often experienced on Linux that when I change something about the drivers after installing the OS, the whole system will crash and need a whole new reinstall.

I do not have a picture of the orphaned inodes that are cleaned at the beginning of starting up Manjaro, but as noted, they seem to be related to the browser(s), because after they are cleaned they, the browser(s) have lost all their save data. Once Manjaro will again need to clear orphaned inodes I will make a picture of it, and load it up.

Thanks for your time,


Since you experience crashes with every OS - not just Linux/Manjaro - I’d suspect faulty RAM or it’s connections
and would check that first.
Physically, by opening the device and re-seating it
and via software - but I can’t recommend one.

It used to be the case that a memory check program was part of the installation medium and was accessible from the boot menu - don’t know about the current state.

A faulty hard drive would be next on the list of items to check …

Personally: I wouldn’t suspect “browsers” in general - they are probably just the most used program and are memory intensive.

The “orphaned inodes” you focus on are the visual sign of a corrupted filesystem which Linux is (attempting to) repair each time.

The browser itself … doesn’t corrupt the filesystem.

This occurs due to either bad RAM or, more likely, due to faulty hard drives - most of the time.
After all - the hard drive is where the filesystem resides.
The system is crashing or forcibly shut down by you - and then is in need of repair, The repair process is what you see, where the orphaned inodes get mentionded.