Browse local network issues

New install of Manjaro KDE 21.0.7 on Thinkbook 14 G2 AMD.
Having trouble accessing local network devices - such as printer, NAS, other computers.

Dolphin Network & Shared SMB has no devices detected at all.
As I understand it Dolphin should browse smb by default & I confirmed gvfs-smb is installed.

I have a Win 10 PC with shared folders locally, as well as a NAS guest (no login required) & a Mac with shared folders, but none of these items are visible via Dolphin network folder. The Mac & PC can connect both ways and browse NAS openly.

Additionally, when I try to add a network printer : settings > printers : I can see Brother J567N as detected but no options are enabled to click next or add etc, so it sees it but im not sure how to add it.
(I realise this may be a separate issue)

Thanks for any guidance. I am very new to Manjaro & this is my first post.

Hi and welcome to Manjaro! I have personally never had much luck with file manager network shares (performance issues and intermittent availability), and have always preferred to configure the mounts with either fstab or (more recently) systemd. I would highly recommend having a look at the following two tutorials:

systemd mount any device and systemd mount unit samples

This is much more flexible and allows you to have full control of the mounted shares.

Thanks for your reply. I had a look at those articles & read through them. Unfortunately its way beyond my understanding right now. I need something several magnitudes simpler!

For example I dont know how to determine the address of the network drive as per those articles “/data/homebackup” . I know the IP, but that doesnt work via smb:// as it does from my mac, it just says “connection is broken”.

EDIT: ahh, I managed to connect to the Mac via dolphin with smb://[sharename]. Ill keep trying with the other devices, but they seem less cooperative. At least I can see something now.

I am now to connect to both the mac & windows using smb:// sharename in Dolphin & then adding those locations to “places” - this is good enough. & now I understand better how the articles you provided can be used to automate the process.
However I still cannot access the network drive via ip or sharename.

Ok, I think then that you probably need to enter //$YOUR_SERVER/$YOUR_SHARE, rather than just the $YOUR_SERVER, if I’m understanding correctly? For the systemd mount unit, you would add this in the following section (taken from the second article I linked previously):


Where $YOUR_SERVER is your server ip address or share name, and $YOUR_SHARE is the shared folder on that server. $YOUR_MOUNT_PATH is where you want the shared folder to appear. Hopefully that helps.

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