Brother MFC-L8650CDW : unable to build package brother-mfc-l8650cdw 1.1.2-1


My Brother printer/scanner MFC-L8650CDW is working like a charm from years, using the package build from here.

I’m now installing a new laptop (Lenovo P1 gen3) with Manjaro/Plasma and trying to build the same package, I got the following error :
Lancement de build()… /var/tmp/pamac-build-diego/deb2targz/PKGBUILD: ligne 19: patch : commande introuvable ==> ERREUR : Une erreur s’est produite dans build(). Abandon…

So I tried to build the package on another machine, and everything’s ok …

Any suggestion ?


Hi @Narsil,

According to the project’s AUR page it has been flanked as out-of-date since Nov. 2021 already.

And according to the comments, there is a new driver.

So bottom line, I think look for another way of installing the drivers…

Yep, but I can build it on another PC (same system) …

And I didn’t find any other way to install the drivers :_(

Also a Manjaro PC? If so,


Then you can always ask help on the AUR page? I don’t know if this is the correct way if doing things, but it is a possibillity.

You can try using IPP Everywhere

make sure cups and cups-pdf is installed and running
Set the printer to a fixed IP Address, either by manually giving the printer a fixed IP address or by reserving the IP Address in your router.

Then from the command line run:
lpadmin -p MFC-L8650CDW -E -v "ipp://" -m everywhere

Note: change the IP Address to the correct one you are using.

You’re missing the base-devel meta package required for using the AUR. See Arch User Repository - Manjaro

I just updated the package. Try installing it again.

I disowned it after fixing it, so feel free to adopt it.

Thanks so much @Yochanan ! Build went through now.

At this point, driver looks ok, printer is identified, but when i send a print job, i get a " “The printer is unreachable at this time.”.

Probably some closed port somewhere …