Brother l2550 dw printer driver -- in deb or rpm but what for arch

On the Brother site Downloads | DCP-L2550DW | Canada | Brother I see drivers for Debian and Redhat distros but I don’t see anything for arch or even a simple source code download.

I see here Printing - Manjaro mention of the HP manager but I don’t see anything for Brother.

What options do we have for running a Brother printer from Arch? This is a networked printer so would there be something generic that is straightforward?

There’s an AUR package: brother-dcp-l2550dw

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Ah. I’ll have to learn the AUR searching.

After building and installing the AUR package. I installed also

  • manjaro-printer and
  • system-config-printer

# system-config-printer opens a dialog. Select network printer, and my printer appears. Using the ‘settings’ dialog enter into the Device URI field [socket://] or whatever the IP address is of the printer. Good idea to make that static through the router.

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