Broken window button theme in some apps

So i installed GNOME with XFCE, and everything was working fine. Until today, when i saw some apps had broken themes on window buttons in GNOME. They all look good in XFCE. Example:
Screenshot from 2023-09-23 10-04-09 (bad)

Screenshot from 2023-09-23 10-06-24 (good)

only a handful of apps seem to use the bad ones, major being Firefox, Flatpaks and Qt apps. I use the exact same theme on XFCE, and its not a problem there. It happened randomly, so I dont think my gtk configs have changed. Also note that changing the theme has no effect on the bad apps.

Your GTK theme is likely only compatible up to a certain version (old is ok, new is not)
And QT … unless you are using some sort of configuration to automate emulating your GTK look on QT … your GTK theme should have no impact.
Maybe you could describe the actual theme you are using, how it was installed, and any other configuration related information.

Im using the Flat-Remix-GTK theme on AUR. here: AUR (en) - flat-remix-gtk
also note that i did not update the system prior to it breaking. and it works with GTK4. The good screenshot is on GNOME settings, a GTK4 app. the bad is on firefox. in XFCE, all apps respect the theme and have proper window buttons, irrespective of GTK2/3/4 or Qt, or even Java for that matter.

Did you look at the page?

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avenita commented on 2022-04-07 15:09 (UTC) (edited on 2022-04-07 15:30 (UTC) by avenita)

notice: theme is currently half-broken due to Gnome 42 and libadwaita deployment.
theres a beta working on libadwaita but doesnt seems to be included yet.

Or the projects open issues:

Seems kinda broken.

i did look, but i didnt update the system, and that includes the aur’s. i dont see why that should be an issue

and it was working for like 2 days until it broken

I still dont understand how this is supposed to be affecting QT apps.
In any case - why not try some known working themes … if they dont function as expected then there may be a deeper issue. If they do … then you can more easily blame this theme.

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i tried adwaita. doesnt work.