Broken inferface


I am very new to the forums and have been using manjaro as a VM for a little while. I did an update and suddenly the desktop is not responding as it use to. It takes a very long time for the mouse curser to pop up, and when it does its no longer the arrow but an X. Much of the UI elements are gone as well such as the Close window button, desktop icons, applications appearing in the taskbar, and the multiple desktops workspaces no longer work.

The first things that pop up to mind is that something broke with the xfdesktop, but I wanted to get some feed back before I proceeded.

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help with diagnosing the issue.

Okay, I think its something with Xfce not loading all the way and crashing with xserver. The intro welcome menu loads up completely but nothing loads properly after that.

Okay, I have it down to xfDesktop, when I type in the command xfdesktop --reload, it will load everything but the taskbar disappear. I think I have to rollback to 4.14.