Broke xfce4 for main user - restore all defaults?


Not sure what happened, but I seem to have broken my DE (xfce4). My computer went to sleep while running battlenet on WINE and broke, or it broke when exiting that (not sure). At any rate, everytime I restart I recover a sort of mangled version of the display that I had when the system broke, for instance:

  • A firefow window
  • a few terminals
  • a post-it app

A number of things are broken - in most application, I cannot type (such as terminals), the cursor for the mouse is messed up (not the logo it usually runs), I cannot closer/minimize windows, etc. Regardless of how much I restart, different kernels, fallback etc… doesn’t matter - as soon as the DE comes up, it’s broken.

To troubleshoot, I created a new user with its down home dir. That DE works fine - therefore the issue seems to be with my previous DE. I’m guessing it got into an incoherent state somehow and now, whenever it boots up, it loads up the broken state & I’m stuck with it. What I would like to do:

  • Best case would be to just delete whatever cached state XCFE4 spins up when I login with that user.
  • I’d like to keep, if possible, all customization (e.g. preferences for terminal etc)

Of course I could just switch to a new user account, but then I loose all customization, and I also have a bunch of other things setup with the other user so…

Any suggestions?

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Going to reply to myself here -

rm -fr ~/.cache/sessions/*

This is where XFCE stores any cached session. And it indeed solved my issue - now my user is fine.

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