Brightness jumps once after boot

Hello I am running Manjaro testing on an Lenovo Ideapad 5 14 inch 14are05 model.I have a renoir cpu and my brightness works fine, except for when I just started the machine. The brightness is set to 100% even though the actual setting is much lower and when I want to lower the brightness the screen immediately changes to the real brightness setting. Is there a way I could automatically update the brightness after boot?

Hello HuggieBo,

I have a similar issue on my IdeaPad, although I recently seem to be coming from the other direction (0%, which is not off, just very low), although it’s not happening all the time for me - I had it happen for some days in a row only to then vanish again (probably due to an update).
Might not even be the same issue, but anyway, I just use a workaround by setting the screen brightness in the energy settings within KDE. That way it makes sure the brightness is at the level I want, although it might not remember manual changes (via Fn keys) in between boots. It’s a few years since I used Gnome, so I can’t directly tell you if there’s a similar setting in Gnome.

If I remember correctly, the issue was introduced with some Mesa update a couple of months ago. There’s also this message at boot about brightness not being saved. You could also search for that, there have been several topics on it, although I think while they tell you how to get rid of the message, they don’t fix the brightness issue.

Oh yeah I remember searching for that Error and only finding fixes which just hide the message. Thanks for the comprehensive answer.

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