Brightness controller

Hello everyone, how are you? I changed my Manjaro KDE to Gnome because the last update broke my system thrice. I managed to install “brightness-controller-git” on KDE and it worked, yet, I installed it on Gnome and now it says that the brightness controller git doesn’t recognize my laptop screen (apparently KDE doesn’t take the screen of my laptop as a laptop screen?, I don’t know).

I am running an Acer Laptop, i5 intel processor, if that helps. How could I possibly solve this issue? I have seen other post about this but I haven’t managed to solve the issue.

I would create an upstream issue. However, sadly the Brightness Controller developer is not very active anymore.

I suggest checking out vdu_controls AUR as an alternative.

Both developers are very responsive and I’ve worked with both of them creating and maintaining both AUR packages.