Brightness cannot be changed using function keys

I am a newbie to Manjaro and still learning from its awesome wiki.
I use a Manjaro Gnome 21 dual booted with windows 10 and it is working fantastically .
I just have one issue though. I cannot change brightness using function keys. I am on 5.13 kernel and tried using 5.10 lts kernel but without success.
I need help in rectifying this.

Anyway, thanks to the Manjaro Team for this awesome distro.

This is most likely caused because xbacklight only works with intel graphics.

If you are using e.g. amd you will most likely need the package acpilight.
When installed add yourself to the video group

sudo pacman -Syu

add yourself to video ($USER will translate to your logged in username)

sudo gpasswd -a $USER video
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@AyushAkarsh @linux-aarhus I had this issue develop out of nowhere on my laptop a while back and had success by adding acpi_backlight=native to my grub under GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX= . Good luck!

Thank you for the help. I found out that in the BIOS the graphics was switched from switchable to descrete.

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