Briar and Speek! decentralized communicators for Manjaro ARM?


currently is a very popular messenger the Telegram.
I wonder if anyone is interested in more “private”, new type of messengers like Briar or Speek ?

briarproject org
briarproject org/download-briar-desktop
speek network
github com/Speek-App/Speek

The Briar is an older one, more complex and its development is slower than by the Speek! (especially with the desktop version).

It would be nice to have these software in ARM distributions, especially with mobile PinePhones. :slight_smile:
I have tested both in latest Ubuntu/Linux MInt (XFCE) x86-64 distributions and desktop versions are stable and daily usable.

For Speek, I didn’t find anything on AUR but there is a PKGBUILD that you can modify (add aarch64 among others) to test if you want.

For Briar, there is an AUR package : AUR (en) - briar-desktop-git
Give it a try and give us a feedback.