Breath theme broken?


I have now small icons in the taskbar an dthe tooltip looks like not machting the theme.

All i did is changed for curiosity reasons from breath to breeze* theme and beside that i tryed the new “look and feel” theme option from kde


I’m running Breath on all my KDE installs, both Stable on Unstable branches. I can’t replicate this.

Did you try rebooting? Maybe some cache is messed up.


After rebooting and reinstalling the breath theme stuff nothing changed (altough the wallapper, because i like it more).
I have small icons and grey tooltip…


I have the same size icons in my launcher. It’s not small in my opinion.

The right click menu is because of the theme. You are using the normal color one. I use the Breath Dark color one, which has dark tooltips/right click menus.


Is there a way to change the icon size? Because the icons were bigger before (from scratch there were as small as one, but after an update they got “bigger”).

Actually i cannot change to the dark “right click menu” (see pic)


How did you install the theme? With plasma5-breath-themes?


yes, see attached:


Here’s what mine looks like:


So sth is wrong…


If you go into System Settings - > Appearance -> Color do you have a Breath and a Breath Dark, or just a Breath?


there was a dark colour sheme so i applyed this. thx

But in general this hole theme-setting stuff is annoying. In my opionion it is too complicated.

If i want a dark theme i want too choose it just once and all the stuff wich is related to this theme should be apllied automatically. Otherwise you have too click trhough at least 3 options in system-settings.

Beside that there should be a option for the taskbar to choose the icon size. Right now the only way to do this is to resize the panel.


Well. That’s just how KDE theming works. You should mention it to the people.


Thx i know. I will do that.