Breath SDDM colors inverted

After today’s update, on my system, there is a problem with the colors of the Breath SDDM theme. It seems like the text colors are inverted, and the background is really bright. Any suggestions?

Same here. I noticed while it was installing the new packages, the was removing one of the themes because of conflict

try this

Thanks for the reply, but sadly this doesn’t solve anything.
I tried it multiple times, the lock screen seem to sync fine yet the SDDM screen is absolutely ignoring everything.

Ok, it seems latest fixed version didn’t make it into stable update. We’ll update it soon hopefully. Sorry.


Just FYI, an update to SDDM themes, and a couple of other theme updates rolled through. I switched to a different SDDM theme, applied it, switched back, applied it, applied plasma settings.

It still looks the same as it did before.

I didn’t mention, I am using the breath dark system theme.

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After another update, it seems good.

Thanks a lot for the prompt updates!

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