Breath (Before "Maia 2") for 2017 (Plasma 5)




Would you have time to tweak some colors of an existing lxqt theme and include it in the breath/maia2 source?
I am really terrible with artworks and stuff, but the frost theme that comes with lxqt get already close to matching, it just uses blue instead of greenish for menu items etc.


Is the FollowsColorScheme=true parameter in


really needed? It somehow stops the texstudio icon from being displayed. When putting it into a comment, the icon is displayed again, as well as when choosing another icon theme like oxygen, which does not set this parameter. Unfortunately I did not find any explanation of this parameter yet, so I am not sure whether it is better to contact you or the texstudio developers.


I have never used LXQT and much less created an artwork for that environment, so at the moment an artwork will not be possible.


Did you check with the breeze icons if the same error happens?


Within a couple of months there will be a new design for Manjaro, it will always be under the name of Breath.

Of course I say that will be different from what is found at this time.


Yes, the same error happens if using breeze, and it also disappears when putting the line in a comment in breeze.


Breath will replace Maia?

I LOVE BREATH :confounded:


you need to install it on your own (pacman -Ss breath tells you the necessary packages) - the 17.0 install iso already has breath as default


Simply the best dark theme I have come across for KDE and pretty damn sweet for XFCE as well, if only the GTK packages had the necessary window decorations for use with xfce4. Love it, and the icon set is a great mod.


…I´m woking on it, not ready.




I am really enjoying Breath in KDE. Using the dark color scheme at that. It’s great, doesn’t hurt my eyes at night. I’ve had one complaint, but that’s not why I’m here today. Instead of complaining, I decided to do something about it. And I think I’ve succeeded. Now, I would like to give something to the community!

The complaint that I had was about Octopi, the package manager. It’s authors have hardcoded colors of the search box, and it was sticking out like a sore thumb when Breath dark was used. You probably know what I’m talking about if you used Octopi with dark color scheme? Find bar was white and if you typed in some text, it would color the find bar bright yellow if it finds what you were looking for. Which is fine, except it’s not when you’re also using light icons which match your dark colors. The icons turn invisible on the white and light yellowish background. So I’ve changed that! I’ve edited the source file which governs this and made the colors more… breath-like!

Here is a showcase of what it looks like on my system, with Breath dark and Breath color schemes overlapped.
(In order of appearance: empty find bar, find bar when it scores a match, find bar when no matches are found)

Again, this is not a mockup. I’ve compiled it and tested it and it works. If there’s interest in shipping Manjaro-customized Octopi, I’d be more than happy to share the modification I’ve made. Let me know what you think, I’m looking forward to feedback. :grin:


…as promised, xfwm4 light and dark. The top is flat for now, but I will try to make one that is exact like an opened pamac. The downside will be a fixed colour. These flat ones follow the colour.


have fun


Is this going to be made available as a package through the Get New Looks option in Look and Feel any time soon so this can be easily installed in other distros? It’s my favourite theme and would be great to have it easier to install on other machines not running manjaro.


I know I am pushing it, any chance of a gtk shell theme for Gnome?


…never used gnome and I am not an artist, only doing things for myself with “try and error”. But it should be possible to borrow from flatix (which is numix) or vertex-maia with some changes. Somebody using gnome should do this. Do you?


Gotcha. I have Gnome on one machine. I will give it a shot. Thanks for the info, and for the window decorations.


I can give it a try. Not much to do with Gnome Shell theme itself :wink: but i think it is better to wait wait for Gnome 3.24 to arrive, as it can destroy whole theme :stuck_out_tongue:


…just had a look at my loaded themes, found “Numix-SX-Light” as very similar in colors. You can try to mix with “Flatix”.


Yep it’s just different background for shell :wink: Lemme wait for G3.24 as i don’t know what will crash.
Edit: whati’ve noticed is that on default Gnome theme and Flatix/Numix have wrong color of bookmarks text in F-Fox in dark mode. It’s white tezt on white background. That’s not good at all. As i’m only changing colors of Numix, i don’t know how to make it look better. Hell yeah it would be great to have unifed look on all Manjaro editions/spins.