Breath (Before "Maia 2") for 2017 (Plasma 5)



@mcder3 Very nice! Adopted. :wink:


I still personally think it would be a good idea to include it in the ISO as well, I don’t see what it could hurt by doing so, giving people a choice who otherwise wouldn’t know where to look or wouldn’t know what github was.

I’m not saying it is bad, but for me, and I’m sure others as well, the orange clashes with the overall green hue of the distribution. It just seems out of place.

Again, I’m not a graphic designer, but this is just what it looks like.




I understand your point of view, but practically all the artwork takes green color and leaving the wallpaper of the same color can tire a little.

If you look closely, you can see that the wallpaper has green colors in the bottom corner and at the top, the color always remains, but discreetly.


I do like that there is more defined texture. The 16.10.x wallpaper, depending on what display I was using, you could either see the texture, or it looked like it was all one color. Whatever your final decision is, I will respect it.




I know that right now everyone is looking forward to that possible change in the wallpaper, but what I want to avoid is what happened to the previous wallpaper in which I felt that the icons were lost in the background color.


The new wallpaper in github is now available


I think that the icon theme have a strange look sometimes… Like the mouse one and the volume one. Some apps have a personalized icon, others don’t have. Would not it be wiser for all applications to leave the default icon. Often, newcomers are accustomed to the original icons of applications on other systems. If someone wants a very personalized icon theme, he only has to install it. I think we could focus more on generic icons. What do you think about this proposition?


At the moment the artwork is dedicated to full time for Plasma 5.x


What is the package name for Breath GTK in the repositories.


unfinished and nonexistent for repos … you can download from github and drop in ~/.themes/ or /usr/share/themes/

For everyone else I’m sorry I’ve been busy. There are still a number of files in /assets/ that need converting … and somehow a small glitch with the scrollbar area got introduced in the dark version. Anyone who has more time than me should consider themselves invited to help. But I did also upload the “Flat” varients without rounded window borders.



New Breath theme looks nice, but there are coupe of things that don’t fit with me. In Maia, active window’s title has dark background and inactive has light background. That way I could easily identify active window if I have 4 windows opened. Breath has both backgrounds light.

Also I use icon only task bar with pinned applications and background and border colors for active/minimized application seems to be quite strong and draw unnecessary attention.

Is there anything you could do about it?


With the windows active and inactive already the subject was touched and left this way

Now with the task bar, I do not think it will change due to lack of time, since I would have to edit many elements of the plasma theme.


OK, thanks for the info.


I do hope more work is done on the GTK port as some of the colors are still blue


New Breath in unstable, the previous wallpaper and splash screen was much better, that orange slash is very jarring and bright, particularly when used with dark themes. Couldn’t use it as permanent wallpaper, would eventually give me a headache.

Personally I thought the previous wallpaper was fantastic, but others obviously disagree.


The latest update in unstable broke my icons. Re-Setting them and rebooting did not changy anything:

[Testing Update] 2017-02-19 - Kernels, Mesa, Deepin, Haskell, ZFS, Nvidia

I have that too


Revision 2 should fix the matter with the icons.

[Testing Update] 2017-02-19 - Kernels, Mesa, Deepin, Haskell, ZFS, Nvidia

thanks, fixed here


I agree with the wallpaper. I wouldn’t mind the “new” wallpaper and the “old” wallpaper included in the ISO however.