Breath (Before "Maia 2") for 2017 (Plasma 5)



Already available the new color for the “folders” in the github repository


I’ve added a dark version of icons in repositories for GTK applications

The dark theme in GTK is thanks to @cscs


I am not a big fan of dark themes, but that one looks really great! Will try it and see how it will be for daily use for me. Thank you for your efforts!


Is this being packaged soon? I really like it. I used to use breeze GTK theme (because it did not depend on gtk2 and looked nice) until gtk3 updates broke it. This looks mighty fine successor.


I am keeping them into my repo - both, the gtk and plasma themes, plus icons, walls and sddm theme.


Спасибо большое!


не за что


Looks damn great, but I think the dark version is a tad too dark, but maybe that’s just me.
Waiting for the official packages :slight_smile:


Updated on testing and Kmail is the icon that still remains wrong:

If it any comfort it remains wrong on all themes :slight_smile:


I will review that icon these days, thank you very much for reporting the problem :slight_smile:


I think they did something to kmail. I is not recognizing the mail icon from any plasma theme. I was wondering how to fix it in the theme i have ported a time ago - OCD, but nothing. To me it is a bug in kmail…


I believe one of the recent updates to kmail changed the way the systray icon setting is set up. In other words I think it turned it off. Go into configure kmail and look under appearance and make sure you have it set to show.


It was always on, but the recent updates screwed the way it looks for an icon.




Possibly update wallpaper

Manjaro beautification project

I personally prefer the new wallpaper, the one shown here but without that orange.

Just to me, the orange looks out of place.

Just my opinion



Wanted to put something different, to have a more colorful and lively wallpaper :slight_smile:


I completely understand. I do love the new icons. Maybe I just love green. :slight_smile:

If you do plan to use this wallpaper, would you be willing to include both it and the current new one? More wallpapers wouldn’t hurt :wink:



I think I would leave this new wallpaper as official and the old one would keep it in github for those who want to download it


Has been uploaded in github the new wallpaper for those who wish to try it.

For the moment only available in 1080p and UHD