Breath (Before "Maia 2") for 2017 (Plasma 5)



What do you think if we change the color of the folders for a softer green?


This could be the new color in the icons.


I may or may not have started poking around with XFWM, GTK …


looks nice, but save the older as an option in the places folder :slight_smile:


Just found 2 issues with Breath theme - KOrganizer daemon reminder doesn’t have an icon in the tray and kmail’s “new message” icon is dark on the dark panel, as it is inherited from the breeze theme. See the screen shots for details. Thanks.


That was the case with the Maia theme as well


KMail and KAlarm use dark theme.


Quite nice! But please make sure that this time desktop icons will not become invisible because the color is too similar to the default backgroundr! :wink: This was a problem with maia-wallpaper and maia-icons.


Far better and closer to the maia colors so yes better in my opinion.


Fixed korganizer, kalarm and kmail error


Will you create a light color version?


I think the folders with this new color are better displayed


Yes, great! The gradient helps, too! :wink:


The new color is great, better then the old green, but can you keep as an option in places folder like folder-green :slight_smile:


Thanx, also i think there are other minor bugs, like blue folder popping upon launching some folder instead of the green, and i think vlc need better icon :wink:


The icons of the applications do not intend to edit them at the moment to solve errors in the main icons of the system.


This color look better than before.


I will … just need more time to get it all together
[I like dark better so I just let my bias hang out]

heres a progress update with notifications and app icons on windows…

The icons arent too bad here either … but anything xfce specific or panel applets of course do not have sets or a nice fallback … will add to “to-do”

Oh, there is a proper git setup now too;


I think the lack of icons is due to the fact that Breath is built for Plasma 5.

Would be to find a solution for the future, because at this moment still need to improve the icons.


Yeah I figured.
… Well everything is still very quick and rough but generally usable. Heres the light:

[When its finished I’m going to make a ‘flat’ version without the rounded edges. because … I must]