Breath (Before "Maia 2") for 2017 (Plasma 5)



I think that already solve that error with the icon of the airplane

You can download the theme from the github repository to check


When I saw the screenshot of the 17alpha version I instantly installed it. I think I’m not leaving again, this is beautiful.

Thank you for this, keep up the good work!


Already solved this problem, in the next updates will see the change of wallpaper.


Thank you, you are correct. I thought I saw the package in yesterday’s updates to the Unstable branch, and when I re-booted this morning, I see the new Manjaro Plasma 5 background in place of Upstream KDE.


I noticed a few more details
1)Airplane icon shows only after enabling/ disabling it.
2)Firefox have slightly different colour than theme

3)KDE connect have different icon when highlighted

4)Can we have better icon for pamac?
5)Virtualbox have this weird icon on programs menu(back to normal after launch) - existed before maia2

  1. The error of the airplane has already been solved and the change will be visible when they repackage the theme

  2. Plasma 5 artwork only works in QT applications

  3. The icons in plasma are divided into different areas: 16x16, 24x24 and 32x32, if the icon should be bigger or smaller, plasma looks which is better accommodated.

4 + 5) I’m seriously thinking about adding new icons or just staying with the base, since you can not please everyone and it would practically be a lot of work for just one person.


Rename the artwork to keep the old version.

Maia will no longer have support, Breath will be the default artwork in the next version of Manjaro Plasma Edition

New Github Repo:


One shortcoming I’ve noticed is that there is no change in colour for the toolbar when focus/unfocused so it’s not immediately easy to see which window has focus.


Its a shame that maia is being left behind though, i feel its the best theme the Manjaro art team came up with.
The new icons look a little too green


I think I will change the color of the lyrics in the title bar of windows so I can see between the active and inactive window


Of course this can not please everyone, but it’s about doing a good job on every new artwork.

For my part, I do not like the current design of the icons of Maia and that I was the initial creator.


David created Maia and it was a good theme. He is now moving on to the Breath theme. If there is still interest in Maia, it is always there and can be still maintained. Sometimes there are ideas for a new theme, like Andromeda, which might not get finished after all. At least we try to port it to newer plasma versions if it is still widly used.


If you planning to make for Gtk environments in future please make a little Gnomish this sets for Gtk DEs. I mean pastel colors and smooth colors.
But it is really looks good for Qt environments.


Yeah that does bring in if any changes are coming to GTK as well.
I kind of like the vertex maia theme, is it being killed off too?
Are we going to bve left with the crappy adwaita theme or something?


Hi, I’m using KDE neon, can I install the theme? If so, how do I install it? Sorry if this is a noob question, I’m new to Linux. Cheers!


Go here and click the button "Clone or download"

Where to put which folder will be the question then…


I think it is very unlikely that it will disappear at this time.


Solved, for both clear and dark version.

Changes are already in github


For the moment I do not have the knowledge to carry this artwork to GTK. Those in charge of the XFCE version (GTK) will create a version that is convenient for said DE


Excellent, thanks. Great work by the way, it’s such a good theme.