Breath (Before "Maia 2") for 2017 (Plasma 5)



For the new version, I will be based on breeze but of course this will give a different touch but that is very harmonious.

I hope to deliver the artwork for the month of January or February.

I hope you like the idea


What would the dark version look like?


Only the plasma theme will be dark color, the color scheme will be clear.


Great, clean color. Very nice.


David, looks really great. Keep it up my friend.


Thank you and then I will try to do my best :slight_smile:


And so goes the update of the artwork


nice work!!! cheers


Very nice.


It is very likely that a dark version will be created


is now available on github repository artwork changes the first case they wish to try.


Stop making me want to switch back to plasma 5 :wink:


That dark version looks really sweet!


Very nice. The custom color scheme on my windows and panels looks very similarly to yours. Like how a full-fledged KDE Maia Dark theme ought to look like. Except that my titlebars and view backgrounds are slightly darker.

Now looking forward to customize or replace the icons on the dolphin file manager. Not a fan of the default ones. Yours look great.


Maia 2.0 icons are now available on Github


Compatible with clear and dark themes (only works in QT applications)


Could I have gotten this in my SDDM page (and notice the show desktop Icon) through the Unstable branch, but with the default upstream Plasma wallpaper?
Screenshot here:


I have few visual glitches with new maia theme.
Here with multiple windows and single window

Also here with icons on kde connect
And here when showing all windows


You must restart the plasmashell process to make the theme work well.

With the buttons on the windows, that fits into system preferences … I’ll talk to the devs to see if that can be done by default.


I restarted and reinstalled earlier but it had no effect.
I cleared .cache and it is working now

There is one icon missing on network applet (airplane mode), it was missing on old maia theme too.