Brawlhalla not running in Proton and really slow in WINE (Steam)

It’s all right :+1: I prefer answering questions if you’re in doubt rather than wondering if you read my messages before replying :smiley:

I installed and had no problems with Brawlhalla (default settings) … I used the latest version of Proton. Didnt notice any difference when using the integrated graphics or my GPU.

His issue is local on his system/installation. I tried too and it starts instantly after the initial Proton ‘warning’ telling you it will start the game with the compatibility layer (Proton). I looked in the ACF file for this game and it just uses nothing additional that could fail like some redistributables for Windows, nothing it just starts the game executable.

Best bet for now is to clear the Steam download cache, and/or uninstalling the game, cleaning everything again cache and Proton prefix, restarting computer and starting over the installation.

Well, unfortunately, I broke my Linux SSD when installing win10.

But quite frankly, windows 10 was so much of a pain to install (and to keep it running without a blue screen of death is still a problem I must solve) that I’m probably just going to re-install Manjaro, and do what you’ve recommended.

Tried doing as you suggested. No luck.

I’ve switched to ubuntu, and I’m running Brawlhalla in WINE with success.