Brave browser package taken off the repository again?

Hi guys I have noticed the Brave browser package has been taken off the repository again for the 2nd time and just wanted to get some information on whats going on instead of being like others and coming here complaining without knowing whats going on. It is a little annoying because I have a few family members using it and noticed it was updating/compiling from source from the AUR package so I will need to change them yet again to brave-bin but I just wanted to see what is happening with you guys when I think it should of just continued to be on the repository as it will cause issues like this and annoy users when packages keep moving between the AUR and official repo.

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Brave is no longer aviable at Manjaro ???

Nope,install brave-bin from the AUR

Yeah you have to use the AUR brave-bin package now

Yep, now brave gone and only option is brave-bin from AUR

or use the SNAP package as mentioned in the thread

No thanks, not a fan of snap packages, rather use the AUR package which will be the exact same as what was on Manjaro repo. I’d rather use Flatpak over a snap any day but I don’t need to when I have the AUR.

Could I get a proper answer of why it got taken off again? Was it due to dependency issues or issues maintaining it because the aur bin package while that has been fine without that issue for example I would rather have it on the Manjaro repo.

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The proper answer is given in the link in the second post. Brave browser package taken off the repository again? - #2 by steanne
I only mentioned snap for the sake of completeness. You are, of course free to use or not use it. :slight_smile:

2 Likes isn’t a more appropriate link to find the current version?

in general, you do not want install things outside of using the package manager unless you’ve no other choice. first priority is manjaro’s repositories, second is the AUR. in this case, brave IS in the AUR, several packages, in fact. the various -bin packages grab the binary from the github releases you linked and make it a proper package for the package manager.

I mean, a better place to find the current version the maintainer was complaining about. I wanted the package in the Manjaro repository :frowning:

I agree, so do I also the problem is when it’s removed it disrupts and causes issues for the user.