Brave browser installed from official repo does not have proper icon

$ uname -srm
Linux 5.10.42-1-MANJARO x86_64


Even though i have installed Brave browser from official depo, but the Brave browser icon never shows in the program launcher.
There is only “run brave” (not the right icon) available when do a search of program.
However when i click the “run brave” icon, the actual “new tab-brave” icon shows up in the launcher menu.
When i closed the brave browser, the actual brave icon disapear again, left with the “run brave” (not the right icon) there again.

Why ?

Are you using a third-party icon pack (just to rule that out, in case the icon theme doesn’t inherit/import any of the more common themes for missing icons.)

Which launcher in KDE are you using?

I’m sure you already tried this, but it’s worth asking, did you try re-installing Brave?

Can you post a screenshot of this if possible? You’re saying that the proper icon appears in the “launcher menu” immediately after you click it? or do you mean it appears on the task manager at the bottom panel?

I not not using 3rd party icon… Everything free default installed.

Which launcher ? how to find out ?

Yes, i have removed and reinstalled from official depo of brave browser

ok. i will screenshoot the icon before brave launch and after. tonight… i need to go. appreciate for replying.


copy the desktop file from /usr/share/application → ~/.local/share/applications

find a suitable icon - save it in ~/.icons and modify the desktop file to use that icon.


Why didn’t you install it from the Manjaro repository?

sudo pacman -S brave

Huh ? by official depo; i meant manjaro repository… the pamac … not from brave depo… sorry for the miss understanding.

Hm… i just powered on laptop and about to do screenshot… then i saw the brave icon appeared in the launcher menu … it is fixed by itself… maybe restart laptop is the key ?? hee like windows os… need some restart … lol…
Anyway… thanks.

Just restart the laptop and the Brave icon is there already. kind of like windoze… need to restart each time install a new software … almost :rofl:
How to attach photo from imgur ? this forum just said “can’t embed media…” I paste the url of the image in “Add an image > from the web”… but it just does not allow me to do that.
Anyway, just post it as text, and it said i can’t post link here…
Anway, this image is on i.imgur.c?m, i guess you know how to arrange it to form a valid url.

Since this thread is done… how to close it ? where is the “solve” button ?

I can’t find Brave /usr/share/application

$ pwd
$ ls
baloo          inxi               kded5     krunnerstaterc  RecentDocuments   user-places.xbel.bak
dolphin        kactivitymanagerd  keyrings  kscreen         sddm              user-places.xbel.tbcache
flatpak        kate               klipper   kwalletd        Trash
gvfs-metadata  kcookiejar         konsole   kxmlgui5        user-places.xbel

$ pwd
$ ls *brave*
ls: cannot access '*brave*': No such file or directory

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How come it does not allow me to post photo ? Thanks

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I see, then currently there is no way for me to post screenshot to the forum to clarify my issues…

Not at the moment, no. :man_shrugging:

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The irony, now I am facing the OP’s issue (missing icons in my launcher menu), not just for Brave, but for many applications. This started after I applied the Stable updates and rebooted my computer.

This happens using any menu launcher. The issue persists between reboots.

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