Brave Browser -- how to enable support for emojis?

Hi! I’ve been using Brave for a while, and I’ve noticed that there aren’t really any emojis anywhere. Compared to Firefox which seems to support all emojis natively, not sure why Brave doesn’t(screenshots below)…



Is there just a package I’m missing or something? I’ve tried disabling the build-in ad blocker as well, no dice.

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The Arch Wiki mentions a list of emoji fonts:

Give the package noto-fonts-emoji a try and restart Brave to see if the emojis appear as in Firefox.

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Almost there, some don’t work, but I’m gonna try clearing my cache and stuff – fixed a lot of them though!

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Almost there, some emoji’s are indeed not working, the laughing emoji (:joy:) specifically, though it does work here presumably because the emoji’s are built in.

Will do, my bad