Brave and KeyPassXC

I have been using KeePassXC 2.7.1-1 installed from the Repository for over a year and all is well.

I installed Brave 1.42288 from Snap, set it all up and synched to an ipad.

Brave does not connect to KeePass, and searching tells me that it cannot due to how Snap works. Over my head.

So I installed brave-browser 1.42.86-1 from the repository, and see different settings but it appears to connect to KeePass.

How do I move my settings, extentions, passwords etc from the Brave snap install to the repository install?

I am a Linux & Manjaro newbie.

Thank you.

snap and flatpak are limited applications - sort of sandboxed - which means they don’t have direct access to e.g. paths outside the user’s home and in your case it seems the snap doesn’t have access or permissions to call your secrets provider.

Since there were no suggestions, I have moved to using Brave installed from the repository, exporting bookmarks and passwords to the new version and removed the snap version.

Thank you.

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