Brand new German Mirror Server ready for testing!

Hello there!

I’ve created a new mirror and would run it for a long time. It would be good if you could test it. So far everything is set up. It is running manjaro. Full setup takes only 100 MB RAM. :smiley:

I have mirrored from rsync:// for now.

A systemd timer synchronizes every 30min.

That is my first Mirror Server. I would by happy to read some feedback or maybe you have some tips for me? Would be glad to hear from you.



Nice :+1:. VPS or Home server?

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It is a VPS

CPU 4 vCore (Epyc 3Ghz)
Bandwidth: 1GBit/s

normally it doesn’t need that much cpu and ram, but i will compile AUR packages on that server also.

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Actually a lot of RAM can safe quite some storage i/o. It’s usually always the same files/packages that are requested (with updates stable/testing/unstable). Though with ssd storage not a big deal, if it is performing well…

Tipps (well actually it is personal preferences really):

  • nginx instead of apache2 (at least the icons on your site seem to indicate it is apache​:wink:) Nothing wrong with apache though, i just found nginx easier and faster :man_shrugging:

  • if you want some statistics/metrics and alerts: / up to 5 servers with a free account. You get metrics like network/mem/cpu usage and webserver specific stuff…

In terms of maintaining a vps in general, not specifically a mirror:

Use ssh keys instead of pw authentication
Deny root login
Change default port of 22 to something greater than 10000. (You don’t want to know how many attempts there are to break into your sys :joy: )


Gotcha. :white_check_mark:

I don’t know if it is faster, but apache was quite simple to configure for me. With nginx I was running in a lot of traps. :man_shrugging:

Could be useful, but i better do it the old way with ssh, screen and multitail :rofl:

Was the first thing i have done :white_check_mark:

Was by default enabled. :white_check_mark:

Ah yes… that will be the next thing i have to do. :joy:

Thanks for the feedback. It is actually not my first server, but my first mirror server :wink:

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Whenever you get mail from abuse@your-vps-hoster.falsepositive, let me know. I have some templates for replying to them (like: no my server was not hacked and is not part of a ddos network. I am hosting a mirror server for a linux distro and there was just a big update which a lot of people tried to download at the very same time)… :wink:

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I will let you know if that happens… but the admin of my local hosting service know that i will run a mirror service, therefore i don’t believe they will write me. Maybe I am wrong…