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Purely out of interest, I would like to submit the following question to the forum. It is not a problem, everything works fine. :slight_smile:

This morning I was offered a stable update for my Firefox with version 96.0.3-0.1, which I installed immediately. Since I regularly check under Branch Compare which program versions are available, I discovered that three versions are currently listed for Firefox 96.0.3.

Stable: 96.0.3-0.1
Testing: 96.0.3-0.2
Unstable: 96.0.3-1

What are the differences between these three versions?

They are simply patch-level differences. The version in Testing has a slightly newer patch than the one in Stable, and considering that the patch levels in both Stable and Testing are still at 0.x, those two appear to be preliminary patches ─ possibly a small bug fix ─ for the definitive patch applied to the version in Unstable.

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96.0.3-1 is the package synced from Arch directly. The other two are overlays built by me for the stable and testing branches.

See Manjaro - Fresh & Stable

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