Branch Compare changes

Branch Compare website has changed recently, I wonder if it is still possible to have a query string possible in a link like before, example before you could link to Manjaro - Branch Compare but it is not possible anymore and even breaks the website, it doesn’t work at all if you access it from this kind of link.

Also, I would like to know if there is a place where we can access the website code like for other Manjaro web projects, I couldn’t find it when I looked for it at the Gitlab.

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Branch Compare in Manjaro GitLab:

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Thanks for the link, it is not a whole project but pages inside the whole Manjaro website.

As far as I understand so, it is not possible anymore at all, but I have to admit the code is weird to me never seen something like that.

yes is possible to "re-"add query in url as old version
in javascript: read url and if key “q=” exist run filter :

web site is make with hugo

EDIT: now this code is not in new version

I meant currently, it is not possible, isn’t it? I specifically found this line and deduced it was not possible anymore as this code doesn’t exist anymore in current code.

//EDIT: yep that’s what I though.