Bouncing mouse cursor?

Not specifically a manjaro thing, but there is a great deal of knowledgeable ppl in this forum so I want to ask here.

I am having a really weird issue with my mouse cursor wanting to bounce around when using the touch pad. It drifts around when holding my finger on the touch pad, in probably a half inch area around where it should be staying in one spot.

It does not drift around with using a mouse.

I updated my BIOS as it was a couple years old hoping that would solve the problem. Interestingly, the cursor was producing the same behavior in the UEFI settings menus, drifting around.

What I find VERY interesting is that if I load up a game. in this instance Guild Wars 2, the drifting nearly disappears. It MAYBE drifts an 1/8th of an inch when it drifts at all, and VERY infrequently.

What is this nonsense?

There’s your first hint this has nothing to do with OS. Either disable touch pad or bang it with a hammer. Last one might somehow fix it.