Borg Create - "No Archive Specified"

So I copied all my personal data over to an NTFS data partition on another drive (it had been previously stored in the home directory of another Manjaro installation on the same drive) and am trying to update the backup I took before the migration. The structure of the data is virtually identically to that of the original backup, but when I try to create a new archive, it returns this error:

[*user*@*device* Downloads]$ borg create --stats --progress --compression lzma,9 \
> --exclude '/run/media/*user*/myData/.Trash-1000' \
> --exclude '/run/media/*user*/myData/'$RECYCLE.BIN'' \
> --exclude '/run/media/*user*/myData/'System Volume Information'' \
> --exclude '/run/media/*user*/myData/test' \
> /run/media/*user*/Elements/backup::Saturday /run/media/*user*/myData/
usage: borg create [-h] [--critical] [--error] [--warning] [--info] [--debug] [--debug-topic TOPIC] [-p] [--log-json] [--lock-wait SECONDS] [--bypass-lock] [--show-version] [--show-rc] [--umask M] [--remote-path PATH]
                   [--remote-ratelimit RATE] [--consider-part-files] [--debug-profile FILE] [--rsh RSH] [-n | -s] [--list] [--filter STATUSCHARS] [--json] [--no-cache-sync] [--no-files-cache] [--stdin-name NAME] [-e PATTERN]
                   [--exclude-from EXCLUDEFILE] [--pattern PATTERN] [--patterns-from PATTERNFILE] [--exclude-caches] [--exclude-if-present NAME] [--keep-exclude-tags] [--exclude-nodump] [-x] [--numeric-owner] [--noatime]
                   [--noctime] [--nobirthtime] [--nobsdflags] [--ignore-inode] [--files-cache MODE] [--read-special] [--comment COMMENT] [--timestamp TIMESTAMP] [-c SECONDS] [--chunker-params PARAMS] [-C COMPRESSION]
                   ARCHIVE [PATH [PATH ...]]
borg create: error: argument ARCHIVE: "Volume": No archive specified
[*user*@*device* Downloads]$

Scratch that actually. While almost everything is in the same place it was, I had to slightly modify a lot of filenames in order to comply with Windows naming rules.

While creating a backup from a ntfs partition to linux partition is known as possible scenario, i don’t think it that easy to backup from a linux partition to a ntfs one due the limitation of ntfs.

I guess it is a problem the regex that borg is using. Can only point you to a direction.