[Bootsplash] Provided by the kernel



Maybe you send me the configs you did. Animated logos we have with gif on this.


Hi. If you don’t have or don’t use watchdog, then just disable it to remove the message. Add kernel parameter nowatchdog (IIRC).


I’ve just tested it on the #bladebook.


I just installed kernel 4.19 and was sure I had to do some shenanigans to get this bootsplash because I have plymouth enabled but no, everything seems to work OK. I get vendor logo on boot automatically with this kernel, without any boot info and as far I know this is an expected behavior. Plymouth seems to be starting only when I’m shutting system down, so I’m happy since my plymouth was configured to use vendor’s logo as well.

All looks well and consistent. Great!


Hey @michaldybczak, what you talking about is just a kernel-provided vendor logo, not a bootsplash I believe. Bootsplash needs appending an appropriate hook and cmdline_linux option in /etc/mkinitcpio.conf and /etc/default/grub, respectively.


That looks nice and professional.


Well, bootsplash is supported from linux414 and later. Last year we didn’t promote it much. Now I’ve added some more features and tools to get it working. The combination of the vendor logo I’ve still to see.

Available themes

extra/bootsplash-theme-amd 0.1-2
    Bootsplash Theme AMD Logo
extra/bootsplash-theme-arch 0.1-2
    Bootsplash Theme Arch Linux Logo
extra/bootsplash-theme-gnome 0.1-2
    Bootsplash Theme Gnome Logo
extra/bootsplash-theme-illyria 0.1-2
    Bootsplash Theme Illyria Logo
extra/bootsplash-theme-kde 0.1-2
    Bootsplash Theme KDE Logo
extra/bootsplash-theme-manjaro 0.1-2
    Bootsplash Theme Manjaro Logo
extra/bootsplash-theme-manjaro-elegant 0.1.1-2
    Bootsplash Theme Manjaro elegant
extra/bootsplash-theme-tux 0.1.1-2
    Bootsplash Theme Tux
extra/bootsplash-theme-vendor 0.1-2
    Bootsplash Theme Vendor Logo
extra/bootsplash-theme-xfce 0.1-2
    Bootsplash Theme XFCE Logo

How to install bootsplash on Manjaro v18.0

  • install the wanted theme and bootsplash-systemd
  • replace %THEME% with the package name after bootsplash-theme in the following two steps (example: for bootsplash-theme-manjaro %THEME% becomes manjaro)
    • add bootsplash-%THEME% to HOOKS in /etc/mkinitcpio.conf
    • add bootsplash.bootfile=bootsplash-themes/%THEME%/bootsplash to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT in /etc/default/grub and make sure you removed QUIET.
  • update your initramfs via mkinitcpio -P
  • update your grub.cfg via update-grub
  • reboot

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Will bootsplash come by default in upcoming iso, cause legacy bios only shows blackscreen


Is the bootsplash conflicting with plymouth in any way?


bootsplash is a replacement. You can savely uninstall plymouth.


Just one more thing. If you write THEME you mean exactly THEME or should THEME be replaced with a theme name with caps or caps are just a way to point it should be replaced? This may be obvious to some but isn’t to everyone.


yes (e.g. manjaro for the manjaro logo one)

NO caps


Thanks so instead THEME I should replace it with for example bootsplash-theme-kde
Got it.

Previously I had 3 possible scenarios, THEME literally, bootsplash-theme-kde, and the theme name with all caps ;p. Sometimes instructions may look great but for the reader it’s not always like that.


kde omit the bootsplash-theme- part of the package name
if mkinitcpi -P throws an error for the hook, better not reboot until it’s working without error.


is it in stable repo.i dont see these packages in stable repo.


No - testing!


I’ve updated the instruction and added an example.


It shows the bootsplash but text appears before it and after it is there a way to hide text


What text? Be precise pls.


How to send video ,I can show you exact. here it is https://youtu.be/3EmDlOA6wgM