[Bootsplash] Provided by the kernel



I have been trying to change that spinner but no luck so far


Is 4.16 patched or?


4.16 was patched along with 4.15. 4.17 supports bootsplash since its release to Manjaro’s repos.
BTW there’s no need to make 4.15 a dependancy for your bootsplash themes. I had to edit PKGBUILD when I gave a try to your Illyria theme, 'cause I used 4.16 at that moment.


Same, made that (asteroid belt):

Based on:

But I get error if I change the spinner file :dizzy_face:


I’m getting motion sickness from looking at this. :nerd_face:


That’s great will install 4.16 then
Yeah I agree with you no need for a specific version as a dependency


When I change spinner I get error as well I don’t know why


Are there any plans in the future to include a boot splash by default without user config required?


Is this going to be a Manjaro default, I am asking since I read somewhere that was not accepted in the kernel upstream, since it was based in something that is going to be removed from the kernel in the future?


Is this what your referring to?


yes thats it


Yes, I think thats what I read a while ago.


It’s a pity that it doesn’t support input field for decryption of LUKS partitions. I am forced to use ugly blinking plymouth :disappointed_relieved:


How about encrypted /boot with grub and keyfile? Passwords is given only before grub menu.


Yeah it is a nice default solution and I used it for a while (when I was totally new to Manjaro a few months ago), but I have moved to rEFInd and LVM on LUKS (v2) recently. Arch wiki says GRUB does not support LUKS v2 (and that’s true; futhermore, even not every modern distro supports LUKS v2).


here is mine with a spinning tardis :slight_smile:


From what I’ve read, this project was suspended, and is not going to make it into the mainline kernel development tree, so why are we even bothering?


Because it works and looks better than anything else - from text logs to Plymouth.


But what happens when and if it’s no longer compatible with the kernel source code?
From what I understand, it is still based on an old rc tree (v4.14-rc5).


Who knows. I don’t NEED it, but it was nice to have it.
Also @philm said once that it wasn’t a big problem to port it to 4.15, 4.16. And now it works with 4.17.
Let’s just hope that bootsplash someday may evovle into some new and better project that would comply kernel devs’ requirements. Things like this happen from time to time.