[Bootsplash] Provided by the kernel



Did you follow the instructions provided here


I did.

The 4.14 one almost works. It shows the bootsplash, but does not get passed it. :slight_smile:


I never had any issues with either 4.14 or 4.15
However I have grub as silent instead of quiet
Or Maybe it’s a theme issue?


You may try the systemd service files.


I think it might be related to my Ryzen CPU, since it works fine on my desktop, but not my ryzen laptop.

btw, is it possible to use Bootsplash, if the system does not use Grub to boot? Does bootsplash need a booloader before it can be loaded?


I’ve had a similar problem with my Manjaro VMs where the bootsplash sometimes gets stuck. Although for me rebooting usually resolves it.

The bootsplash is initrd and kernel param to use right? No grub dependency there from what I can tell, I could setup systemd-boot to verify if you want? I assume you just need to load the initrd and the kernel with the parameter and it’ll work if you avoid a bootloader entirely?


Actually, my plan was to use it on the raspberry pi/odroid devices, which is a boot.txt (i think) to boot.


Actually got it to work now. Just started over and it worked, so I probably did something wrong the first time.


I’m not too technical so I got a bit lost in this thread. My questions are:

If I install one of the available bootshplash themes from Manjaro repo and do that linux voodo to make them work, what will happen with my current plymouth? Will it be disabled, will it be existing alongside somehow?

I also don’t understand the exact distinction between boosplash and plymouth. Currently I have some alienware plymouth so it fits nice the laptop that I’m using. The issue is, plymouth doesn’t work at start (I don’t see it) only at the end. Not sure if that’s because boot happens so fast (12s from grub to fully loaded Plasma with network connection) so plymouth has no chance to show up (I get only Manjaro welcome screen). Still, I like this plymouth even at the end. Will bootsphlash be applied before plymouth or instead? What about the end?

Also, is bootshplash not impacting loading time? Just curious.


I suggest you remove Plymouth first
The difference is that this is built in the kernel while Plymouth is just a package, so each one works in a very different way
Yes it shows up on both boot and shutdown from grub immediately
For me it doesn’t effect boot time it’s still the same 19 seconds on a hdd


Thanks @blaksuan19 for clarifying it. In such case I will withhold till there will be more themes variety or easy creating my own. I’m happy of my current plymouth and I would like to have it, at least for now on this computer and nothing alike is currently available with bootsplash.


It’s easy to make your own splashes I have made few myself
Check my repo


Thanks @blaksuan19. Still, I have no way to preview those boosplash themes and no way of easy undersdtanding how thay are made. Seeing repo isn’t helping with anything - looks like usual github technical voodo ;).


To be honest I am too. I would really like to get boot splash working but there is a lot of “developing” instructions here and conversation in between spread over the course of many months that make it very hard to follow.

Would it be possible (if it hasnt been done yet) to have the step by step directions for this placed in the wiki or in a new post with all the steps and requirements etc in a single post/page?


I have installed it and it’s great! Thank you.


You can look here.


How to check a particular boosplash before installing it? Is there a way to see how it looks? It’s a bit dumb to install something completely blindly.


A Windows like spin animation :innocent:
And a black background.


Thanks @Yoy0. Is there a way to add a specific background?


You may read more about it in the given readme files: