[Bootsplash] Provided by the kernel



any news regarding this?
am still on 4.14 because the splash is just so convincing


No, still had no time to do the porting yet …


Just thinking out loud, but is it really worth the time and effort to make a couple of seconds of eye candy that is seen on average (if you consider a lot of users probably don’t switch off every day) maybe a couple of times a week?


I believe that for a regular user who uses Linux as daily desktop, a boot splash is a more elegant way to start up a machine instead of the log, especially the annoying ACPI error all the time in my case.

I used Plymouth before and as soon as I heard that the kernel bootsplash is going to be added, I removed Plymouth and wait for the bootsplash update. It’s a pity that the development is suspended now.


Seems it was easier to port than I thought. With v4.15.7-2 or higher we will have bootsplash also enabled in linux415 series. Next step will be to see what is needed for linux416 series.

Ports can be found here.


that’s great, thanks!!
i guess by installing 4.15 it would be configured automatically or do i have to do something different than when installed it on 4.14


When I’ve released a kernel with bootsplash support you can simply boot into it without need to change anything on your end. So far non was released yet for linux415 series, neither linux416 series.


Laptops, my friend, laptops and hibernation they use. A common user does not need to see confusing logs during boot/wake process.


bootsplash will be also included in v4.15.8 and v4.16.r180308.g1b88acc or higher.


That can be hidden with the “quiet” boot parameter.


May I assume that I can just continue with the original plymouth boot splash on my Manjaro XFCE system (from early 2015)? This is the one with the 4 green dots under the “manjaro” word.

It’s running fine, I’ve not updated the package since it was relegated to AUR, and I tend to take the view that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

But if it’s advisable to remove, just let me know. I’ll follow the wiki instructions and keep the bootup as bare text thereafter.


Is there a kernel with built in bootsplash for 4.15 now?


yes, its available on 4.15 since 4.15.8


Is this still the steps required to activate?


HowTo is here


Bootsplash is beautiful, thank you much!

ryan@xmg:~$ sudo pacman -S bootsplash-theme-manjaro-elegant
resolving dependencies...
looking for conflicting packages...

Packages (2) linux414-4.14.30-1  bootsplash-theme-manjaro-elegant-0.1-3

P.S. Kernel 4.14 is still a dependency. I had to unistall the kernel after downloading the bootsplash theme.


Should probably clarify that installing the wanted theme is a package? You linked to github sources and mentioned the themes but didn’t mention a package.


I’m in the same situation as you but with my own plymouth theme, but i think that fixing what aint broke is a bad idea, better just to wait until you break your system.


Revision 4 should fix the dependency issue with linux414. Uploaded to testing.


I could not get mine to work. :frowning: