[Bootsplash] Provided by the kernel



That is clever, how do they make it change colour on hover?


If I want to ship this as a default on my editon, is there a pre built package, without manual intervention?

Also should I ship this as a default, or there is any downside?


It works! I wonder how easy it would be to make this a little settle tool called “bootsplash” for new users. Completely flicker free on bios systems! Two small issues.
If you make this available to new users, don’t make the vendor logo one available to bios systems.
-Tux theme and manjaro elegant aren’t in the repos.


Made a custom spinner for Manjaro (looks best on black background):


I’m currently using it with one of @zarbol 's manjaro logos in @GrayJack 's package:



awesome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


…pretty…but I have a difficulty to install…after the download…
git clone https://github.com/Blacksuan19/Bootsplash-Themes.git
…I open it in termianl for example
when I run bootsplash-manjaro-man.sh I got
bash: bootsplash-manjaro-man.sh: command not found
so I make makepkg & got some error & finally aborting…


You have to specify the path to file if you haven’t put it in your $PATH. So, if you are in the same directory as the script, . /bootsplash-manjaro-man.sh also remember that you might need to mark the script executable with chmod +x


I marked Permissions to execute like a program, so it the same like chmod +x
but still I got…
./bootsplash-manjaro-man.sh: line 36: ./bootsplash-packer: Permission denied


The script probably needs sudo rights. However, make sure you understand what the script is doing before running any script as root.


none of those should need to be run with sudo.

both bootsplash-manjaro-man.sh and bootsplash-packer need execute permission:

chmod +x bootsplash-manjaro-man.sh
chmod +x bootsplash-packer

After that, follow the directions as listed on that page. I recommend running makepkg -s instead of just makepkg, that way any necessary dependencies are automatically installed (assuming they’re in the official repos). If makepkg needs elevated permissions, it will ask.


…OK I use
bootsplash-theme-manjaro-man and build the file.
So I make my own bootsplash screen…
…this is my SteampunK bootsplash

& this isspinner a spinner

I have not been able to combine the 2 together so that I can show how they work together…
…I have not find suitable software for that yet…:unamused:
anyBody knows…?


Wow, y’all got a lot more creative. I just added “Property of: NAME” across the top for my laptop.


…I have to make a fresh install of Manjaro Cinnamon 18.0…
& what I had before bootsplash working good followed the above instruction now it does not appear at boot only at shut down…
if I remove quiet i get flashes spinner before the bootsplash appear…
…So when I put back quiet I do’t get bootsplash at startup…
…any idea what happened…?:thinking:


It behaves the same way for me. I get it only at the end and since last bootsplash package update I don’t see it even at the end. I set it once again and hope it will help but had no occasion to check.


…who knew!.. it happened because I put swap partition on the end…
…so I made again install the system…& make:
swap between
…so now it work again perfectly


BTW there’s a problem when trying to achieve silent boot with bootsplash instead of quiet (with Secure Boot enabled): EFI Stub: UEFI Secure Boot is enabled message is shown before a bootsplash takes place.


…I have Secure Boot disabled…
so its right or should I change it?

what does is mean or change…?


No, you shouldn’t. Manjaro doesn’t support SB.
I was talking about my findings. This message does nothing, it’s just an ugly annoying thing :wink: