[Bootsplash] Provided by the kernel



Well, we are open to design the themes. I simply don’t had the time to do so. Feel free to share your artwork and let me know via email which of those I’ve to add to our repo. And yes, the vendor theme for bootsplash only shows the spinner. I might remove it.


Spinner is good. It’s only association that is the problem for some ;). Besides, it’s nice to have various kinds of spinners, not only the one that is exactly the same as in Windows. But being honest, this windows spinner is well designed so it is an OK choice. Still some variety would be nice.

This is a new toy now and we have parade of wishes :wink: . Current choice of bootsplashes is good for starters. I hope they will inspire others to do some interesting stuff. This is also why I posted my plymouth to show how great it can be done and all it takes is to have great wallpaper (with logo) and great spinner. If I had time to figure out how to create such bootsphash theme… Maybe some day I will :slight_smile: .


@michaldybczak: the toy is older as you may think. I introduced it back in 2017, but never got the time to push it. Have fun with it and keep me updated.


@philm I’m ok with introducing my theme to the repo :smiley:


Well. I can not understand. Is it a complete replacement for bootsplash or not? Is it animated or static? Could I replace vendor logo with my own (animated) logo and how? All instructions I’ve found are about grub-quiet and I can’t catch the moment when they start dealing with vendor logo itself.


I understand it like that: There are 3 different features that can be presented during boot:

  • vendor’s logo
  • silent boot
  • bootsplash (or plymouth that creates similar effect)

Each of those features have to be set separately and can influence boot in its own way.

So when you have kernel 4.19 and quiet boot, you will see this in order:

  • vendor’s logo, grub, vendor’s logo, welcome screen (on Plasma), DM or OS (if autologged)

The first vendo’s logo is from firmware, second one is from kernel 4.19.

You can turn on quiet grub so the grub falls out of that process so you will see:

  • vendor’s logo, welcome screen (on Plasma), DM or OS (if autologged)

Then you can add bootsplash or plymouth, so the second time vendor’s logo is replaced with boostsplash or plymouth so you will get:

  • vendor’s logo, bootsplash, welcome screen (on Plasma), DM or OS (if autologged)

So as you see, after grub you can have either vendor’s logo or bootsplash/plymouth.

You can also set it differently and leave the grub be non-silent. So simply, those options just give you ability to see the look and response during boot so you can have most optimal and seamless experience from turning computer on to system being ready to work.

Also, some parts are not ideal so even if you set bootsplash, you may see a moment of vendor’s logo after grub (if grub is visible), or grub theme (if grub is silent). If you will use different kernel you just won’t see the second vendro’s logo, and depending on the grub settings you will get either black screen or maybe some short info on boot.

There are other parts that can be enabled for more flickerfree experience. So the whole process has many steps and various options come in in different parts of the process.

EDIT: Vendor’s logo is static, bootsplash or plymouth may (and usually is) animated.

How can I enable Boot splash screen in manjaro

I was thinking about quite the same thing, personally I do not mind if it looks similar to Win or Mac, but I understand people who dislike mimicing other OSes, so I’ve just updated my bootanimation. It is still very simple and unprofessional, I just hope some real artists will follow our first steps.


Is it intended that the bootslpash (manjaro, with spinner) is again shown between GDM login and actual loading of gnome-shell? Both are wayland


Cool; looks nice!


We have two ways to have a smoother boot-up experience. Either you use the hidden grub menu and combine it with quiet you most likely will see your vendor logo when using linux418+. If you see instead only a black screen you can use bootsplash. You can use this theme to extract the vendor logo from your UEFI and add a spinner below it. This might give you then a combination of both. The current grub package will support both. Both are however slightly different to configure.


Is there a way to use the old quiet settings with no logo?
The bootsplashes that I tried (Manjaro and Illyria) give me some visual glitches and only using “quiet” without bootsplash shows me the vendor logo, which I find quite disturbing (it’s the whole “press X to enter UEFI settings and Y for boot options”). Considering that hidden GRUB doesn’t seems to be an option since I’m dual-booting.


It is an option if you don’t mind tapping buttons at boot. See any recent announcement post for details.

If your system has Windows on it, but you boot it only once a year so you would still like to hide the GRUB menu, you can tell GRUB to ignore the presence of Windows by running:

sudo grub-editenv - set menu_auto_hide=2


Yeah, I read the announcements before posting, but I actually need to boot into Windows pretty often, so it’d be kind of annoying to have to stay in front of the screen tapping during boot. I guess I’ll just keep things like they are for now and wait to see if future updates fix bootsplash on my machine.


you can hold down shift during boot.


Just noticed that bootsplash-theme-vendor doesn’t display any logo (maybe the motherboard doesn’t have one?) and just the spinner. Still a few glitches and probably not as it was intended but that works for me. :laughing:


I really really love the new tux over on r/linux are using as topbar logo: https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/9axvnt/please_make_a_community_icon_for_rlinux/e5gqi8e/?context=2

I find it very simple & modern and yet still resemble the original Tux. Do you have any cool idea of how to use it for a bootsplash theme? Maybe with a pulsing animation?


This theme is in AUR, easy to install.


Oh, looks like there was a misunderstanding: I actually didn’t want any logo since those gave me some ugly glitches, mainly on shutdown (and they were there with any of the splashes). I finally went back to the old behaviour without any bootsplash on 4.19 using quiet loglevel=4.


Ah, OK then. I noticed that for me it should be quiet loglevel=0 systemd.show_status=false in order to have smooth boot with kernel vendor logo (not bootsplash).