Bootloader does not show in boot order?

i’m new here, so sorry for that maybe stupid question.

Yesterday i set up my Manjaro as second partition on my pc.
Everything works fine but i have a small problem.
If i press F11 in the starting section i can choose which hard drive to boot. I can select Manjaro and everything is fine. But if i go in the BIOS to select the boot order Manjaro does not show. It only show a hard drive which should be Manjaro but i can’t boot on it. (Say’s i have to insert boot medium or something, press any key) I only can enter Manjaro if i press F11 at start and select Manjaro.
It shows the normal GRUB boot loader then.
It’s very awkward.
Does anyone now about this error?

Greetings from Germany.

Is this per chance an Acer system or at least “Insyde” BIOS? If so I’ve seen this before, although in the context of a different distribution.

You may need to create a UEFI boot-entry manually as per e.g. Unified Extensible Firmware Interface - ArchWiki

Thanks for quick response.
It’s an Asrock Mainboard. You need the exact type?
What you mean with Insyde Bios? I have that “fancy” Bios where i can drag and drop the boot order but i can also change it per advanced mode.

Thank you, i will try to create the boot entry. I have 0 experience in this topic, so is it a good idea to do this on my own? : )

By “Insyde BIOS” I mean a BIOS from the BIOS-brand “Insyde”, i.e., as opposed to say Award, AMI, what have you. I however believe most problem-spots of the type I was referring to are on laptops and seemingly you haven’t that at least.

I’m not currently near a Manjaro UEFI setup so at least I couldwould not personally walk you through things; it may make sense to hold out for someone to pop up in here that can cross-reference things with the system he/she’s on him/herself. But having said that… any potentially bad entries you can also remove again so I’d not myself be too scared to just try.

Thinking about things slightly longer…

The fact that you can in fact select “Manjaro” from that F11 menu seems to say the boot-entry as such is present, just not added to the boot-order. Maybe you just need to set it active (efibootmgr -a <number>). See man efibootmgr I guess or wait around for that potential hands-on helper.

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Thank you sir - it worked. It was just not activated.

All what i was doing is:

sudo man efibootmgr

to see the boot order

sudo efibootmgr -o 0005

then i was however able to change the boot order in the bios. It shows Manjaro now and i can set it at first like usual.

Have a nice day :wink:

Very good; a nice day shall be had…

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