Booting with new SSD == changing partition naming

Booting with new ssd drive changes partition names (like /dev/sda /dev/sda1 /dev/sdb) etc into different names, (becoming /dev/sdb /dev/sdb1 /dev/sda) or other, etc. Otherwise, up-to-date Manjaro. This, after running into Emergency & changing all fstab entries to use UUID identification. Now booting fine except for the renaming problem: First on Asus laptop with 1 tb drive. Now, on my own system, PC, with 1 tb new Crucial SSD. Dunno

/dev/xxxx is not to be used as a fixed known thing for your drives. I have seen it change on reboot after an update of motherboard settings, bios, maybe the system itself.

Never use that in your fstab this is a recipe for, you know it, emergency disaster.

The UID of partition is good. It doesn’t change.


Now I see, have been so guilty

But UUID and /dev/xxx will change

NO. UUID will not change. It will change if you reformat the partition.

right, UUID same. But the /xxx does change. Flummoxes me

Use the UUID in your fstab, that’s all.

/dev/xxx is good to use in your current session/boot, as you noticed it can change on its own for various reasons, but that’s all. Don’t use it in your fstab

Current session. Ok.

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