Booting multiple OSs from multiple EFI paritions and Restoring Windows and Manjaro Boot after losing EFI Partition



No, don’t worry about this GUID.
Go about as normal.

This GUID is for not just for Microsoft, It is in efivars to register their ‘unique’ efi thingies.
Lenovo for example has many registered. You can check with ‘efivar -L’ There should be many there even if you do not have a Lenovo. Unnecessary waste of time for us people.

Ignore it as it should be.


Absolutely nothing to do with it! Don’t mess your partitions!


Just to make sure I understood, it’s okay to run set id=c12a7328-f81f-11d2-ba4b-00a0c93ec93b override in Windows recovery media and I don’t need to change anything in fstab, right?

Or are you guys suggesting I don’t run that command at recovery?


I don’t know anything about this. Seriously I have not needed to reinstall Windows or its boot. Never… But I rarely use Windows. Come to think of it, I’ve not borked any linux OS either.

So sorry, I don’t know what this is. Can somebody please answer robo731? Thanks.


This has nothing to do with creating a Windows bootloader. It changes the partition type .
And what of this warning do you not understand?


This command is intended for use by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) only. Changing partition type fields with this parameter might cause your computer to fail or be unable to boot. Unless you are an OEM or experienced with gpt disks, you should not change partition type fields on gpt disks by using this parameter. Instead, always use the create partition efi command to create EFI system partitions, the create partition msr command to create Microsoft Reserved partitions, and the create partition primary command without the ID parameter to create primary partitions on gpt disks.


I was just following guidance from here.


As you already have a $esp, there is no need for all this.
That is for setting up the $esp for windows. You already have a $esp (sda1).


Ah, I see. I will do just the bcdboot part then.


I will do just the bcdboot part then.

Don’t know about that either.
But you must reinstall windows boot. How? I don’t know.


Okay, no problem.

I think I will follow the steps recommended here including the set id part.

If it does change the partition’s UUID, I can hopefully follow the steps from before to get grub and Manjaro back.


Just searched.
Isn’t this enough?
Others here have mentioned fixboot, fixmbr, but I don’t know. Sorry.


Ok, thanks. I’ll give those a try first and see if any of them can get the job done.


Anybody out here know how to fix windows boot?
Please help out OP. Thanks.
i think he’s going about the wrong way.




Yeah, that’s the same method as in the forum post I had linked earlier. It seems to make sense to me, but I’m no expert.


okay. good luck.


Thank you, I’ll let you know how it goes.


Ok, I followed the steps from tenforums I linked earlier including the set id part.

I still don’t know whether that part was really necessary or not. I think it might set the PARTUUID, but I’m not certain.

I was able to successfully boot Windows though.

I will work on getting Manjaro bootable again in a bit.


It is better to use PARTUUID in fstab.
UUID may change but PARTUUID remains.

PARTUUID=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                    /boot/efi      vfat    defaults,noatime 0       2


Ok, will do.

Should I follow the same steps as before to get grub back? Do you think I can just use the simple steps?