Booting issue with my pc

when i try to boot my PC then this message is appears and boot in windows.

how to fix this

Hi @spy_rx,

While I’ve never seen anything like this, the first thing I think upon reading the messages is:

Check your secure boot in BIOS/UEFI. It should be disabled.

a Windows update might have turned it on, if it was previously disabled.

i disable that but the error is still same

Can you boot into a live environment? If so, run the following there, and provide the output:

sudo mokutil --sb-state​

i don’t know about live environment but when i try to boot that same message is displayed and after disable the secure boot . pc boot into grub environment and when i boot into windows then secure boot auto enable…??

You might need to boot into a live environment…

Windows updates are known to enable secure boot, and will cause havoc with Linux, except those that have registered? (Or something like that anyway.)

But that error means Linux/Grub/whatever can’t find the drive your Manjaro is installed on to boot from. That generally points to a failing drive, but to diagnose it you’ll have to boot into a Live Environment…

live environment means recovery environment??

i will install Manajro again but is there any way to restore the customization of previous ???

Look here next time this happens