Booting into Manjaro shows only a grey screen

I’m not exactly sure when the problem first began but it has recently become a hinderance. For starters I’m dual booting Manjaro gnome and Windows on two separate drives. For the holidays I received a new keyboard and plugged it into my system. When I decided to boot into Manjaro last weekend it an abnormally long amount of time for the login screen to prompt after a boot. I didn’t think anything of it a first, but now later this week at least for the past three days whenever I have been unsuccessful in logging into my Manjaro distribution. When I reboot the system and attempt to boot into manjaro I get stuck on a grey login screen with only the top bar visible with the date/time, power options, and the ability turn turn off my ethernet adapters. If I try and drop into any TTY nothing happens. The mouse freezes and the system appears unresponsive until I go back to TTY1 and I can move my mouse again. My PC has two ethernet adapters and I’ve tried to SSH into the machine to see try and get into a terminal there but I get a timeout error when attempting to do so. But I can ping the machine to both adapters and I get a response.

I would rather not completely reset my distribution, but if I have to create another live cd then I don’t have a choice.

Same problem as yours

I want to point out that @Thenujan has the same exact screen that I show. A grey login screen with no prompt to login.

Did you try the solution in that topic ?

Sorry I misunderstood the link and I just viewed the screenshot. I first have to get into a TTY session but I am unable to.

And again, I thought I posted this, but I guess not but here’s an update. I will be attempting the topics of that post but I was finally able to get into my desktop environment but still can’t reliably get into a TTY. On first boot into manjaro I have to attempt to drop in another TTY and then after waiting a bit and dropping into TTY1 If I let my monitors go to sleep and then move my mouse I will get a login screen. After that letting the computer lock due to idle or just logging off gets me the expected behavior. Unfortunately attempting to open another TTY session still freezes the computer. Let me know what I can provided to help while I attempt to follow the steps on the other topic.

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So I believe it works, but I’ve been noticing some odd behavior. It takes a moment for the system to respond to any input. See I have Logitech G915 and a G502 Lightspeed with the wireless charging mat. After replacing GDM with Lightgdm I have to wait for the mousepad to boot before my system responds to any input.

i would suggest you to start a new topic to investigate that issue. Try switching kernel first

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