Booting and hibernation on fully encrypted disk

So I’m new to linux and probably have no idea what I’m doing, I just want to get rid of windows and learn linux a bit by bit. I noticed there are similar threads but was not sure what to make of them.

I decided to do a fresh install with full encryption and that started some problems. At start-up after entering encryption password I get to grub like I should and choose manjaro from there. Then comes the manjaro logo and 3 dot things and then only if I press esc it boots normally. If I don’t press esc in time the screen just changes resolution or scaling and pressing esc does nothing anymore and the 3 dots go on forever. With the exception of waking from hibernation, then it boots up straight to manjaro after grub menu without having to press esc.

And hibernation brings me to my second most pressing question, which is whether hibernation is supposed to work like this on fully encrypted disk. Do I really need to enter encryption password after waking from hibernation and go through grub menu, or is the system just shutting down instead of hibernating and then booting up like usual?

I had none of these problems pre-encryption. If you need more info I’m happy to provide if I can.

In short: Yes, that is how hibernation works.

Thanks, good to know, I can live with that. But the first problem is very annoying.