Boot usb to install windows 11

Hello, im tired of manjaro and want to install windows 11 back on my pc, i tried multiple softwares to create bootable usb sticks but all of them at some point ■■■■ up and it does not create my usb ready to use in the UEFI… (for the record i tried woeusb, balena etcher, mkusb, ventoy… etc) any other reliable option or a walk through guide cuz i rlly dont understand how to get back to windows completely (not dual booting)

This is not a Windows support forum - and the ventoy utility works.

If you cannot make that work - then there’s nothing more to say.

Go to your computer repair shop and ask them to reinstall your Windows.

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uh so i just tried the solution u gave me with balena etcher website directly and for some strange reasons it tells me ENOSPC: No space left on device, write when well the usb stick has 14go of available storage and windows iso is like 5.2gb wide …
Like bruh i dont wanna have to get my pc to a repair shop just cuz i suck lmao, it is possible to do it on my own so why cant i T_T